About us

Dressing girls for decades, INDIGO has always reflected the fashion of the time, yet is reminiscent of its signature past.

INDIGO opened its first store in Melbourne in 1973, selling panelled denim flares and jackets. Hence the name. Throughout the 70's many treasure-hunting trips were made to Afghanistan, India & Nepal. Tribal wedding dresses embellished with coins and bones sat alongside the jeans on the shop shelves. By the end of the 70's, with the hippy feeling fading, a more European look evolved. Stripey knits and baby doll dresses became synonymous with INDIGO in the 80's and 90's.

Currently, with their Flagship store at shop #4/234 Collins Street, Melbourne, a flourishing on-line presence, INDIGO continues to dance to its own song. A desire to use natural fibres and a love of colour under-pin the aesthetic as we continue to flirt with timeless shapes.

INDIGO is a little bit fashion, a little bit sweet, a little bit sexy – just like the girls who wear it.